Welcome to Oak Alley Farms
A unique destination for special events or a relaxing time away...

Located in scenic Warren County Pennsylvania, we can host your special event - weddings, reunions or retreats - in our beautifully restored barn on our sprawling 800 acres.


Individuals or families looking for a quiet escape near limitless outdoor beauty and recreation can rent our cozy cabin on Brokenstraw Creek.

Originally owned and operated by John Moore in 1864, the farm, including its old farmhouse, barns and many out buildings, were all lovingly restored in and around 2003 when purchased by Robert Brace & Sons.


For special events for large groups or a tranquil intimate family or small group getaway, Oak Alley Farms has the space and resources to provide you with a quality once-in-a-lifetime experience.

855 Kane Road • Pittsfield, PA 16340 • Office: (814) 460-9709 • Email

Owned and operated by Robert Brace & Sons, Waterford, Pa.

Established in 1864 by John Moore


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